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It is important to us that everybody who attends gets something meaningful and worthwhile out of their time here.

With the Clynfyw Learning Centre we find courses which provide formal recognition and accreditation for the skills learnt while people are here.

Each and every project running is linked to a training course handpicked for the individual needs of each learner. We realise that not everyone will want to get involved, but for those that do, following accredited training means no extra work for the learner, and there is the chance to gain a certificate or two to show off the skills at the end.

Our Learning Centre is officially recognised by Agored Cymru, an awarding body for Wales. Through them we have access to many individual units and qualifications from Entry Level to Level Two. We can even create bespoke courses for individuals who want to do something outside of the running projects.

to Agored Cymru website

We have also written courses in wheelchair refurbishment, charcoal making and other subjects which were missing from the general database. These courses are now available nationwide.

Being a Community Interest Company we are always willing to work with other community minded organisations to meet their training needs, or to help their participants achieve formal recognition for their skills.

If you would like more information about the Learning Centre, what courses we can run, and how we may be able to help you, please feel free to get in touch with our Learning Centre Manager directly by emailing






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