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The Organic Farm

Clynfyw is set on a 200 acre organic farm with cattle, sheep and a variety of cereal crops including oats and barley.

Most of the land is managed by a local family farmer from Eglyswrw, but we are running arond 10acres as a care farm with chickens, sheep and pigs, an orchard and area growing fruit and vegetables which we hope people staying will want to eat!

We planted 100 apple trees in 2012, with 33 different traditional varieties, which is the first part of our Community Apple juicing Initiative. We plan to plant more in 2013 along with running courses in orchard managment and tree welfare. We planted an additional 91 apple trees in March 2014 as part of a Red Cross Commemoration, remembering the 91 young men from our Parish who served during the First World War.

We hope to offer learning and volunteering oppotunties on the Care Farm so do ask if you would like more information. There is lots going on!

The farm is home to a diverse range of wildlife so is ideal for bird watching and nature walks.

For sale

We are selling half pigs on a regular basis. The next are due in December . We are charging 2.50 a pound (Regular selling price would be around 50 -70 per half depending on size) . If interested please contact us, please tell your friends. 

The Woodland

Over 100 acres of woodland provide the perfect setting for walks along paths and our sculpture trail. There are low gradient and more challenging trails through a mixture of broadleaf and coniferous woodland.

We also make our own charcoal with wood from the woodland – perfect for summer barbeques!



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