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Apple Juice Service

Our apple juicing service have closed for this year (2015) but will be available again next Autumn (2016).

The service includes processing, juicing, pasteurising, bottling and labelling, and costs 1.60* per 750ml bottle (it usually works out at about 12 apples per bottle, depending on variety). 

Bottles of apple juice, labelled and ready to sell

Just contact us, drop off your apples and we will juice and bottle them for you.  We can also arrange to pick your apples if you are unable to.  

Please only bring apples for juicing that have been recently picked from the tree - we cannot juice windfalls.

Please contact us before dropping  off your apples! 

For more information call 01239 841 236 or email

*The low price means that charities and organisations are able to sell their own juice and raise valuable funds.


Proceeds from this service help fund our Wheelie Good Idea sending mobility aids to Africa 

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